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_____ Tori and Gavin appear to be (moderatly) normal kids. They go to school, participate in theater and other after school activities...but they have a secret. They know something that most people don't...

__Our world is inhabited by creatures known as "Mystics". Elves, dragons, ghosts, vampires, ect. They're all classified as Mystics. Some are good. and Some are evil. Sometimes a Mystic comes out of hiding and does harm to a human. That's where Tori and Gavin come in. All their young lives they've been training to become the Knights of the New Age. With the help of their elven mentor, Savanah, the two knights work to keep the peace between the Mystics and Humans. They are the secret heros who serve the world.

So far...

_____we're gett'n near da end...
PLAGUE, the horrible, bloodthirsty monster, is running loose on the city. Our heros find themselves in a tight pinch: TORI has almost battled to the death (and lost her arm in the process. GAVIN is shot in the stomach and clinging to life. But things took a turn for the better when DASH, the faithful, disabled dog launched a missle at our villain, PROFESSOR NORMHATE...